• Reducer after sales problems

    The newly put into operation of the reducer, in the operation of 200 ~ 300 hours, should be times of oil change, in the future use should regularly check the quality of oil, for mixed impurities or metamorphic oil must be replaced in time.

    2021-08-27 1216

  • The role of the reducer

    Reducer is a kind of power transmission mechanism, which uses the speed converter of the gear to reduce the number of revolutions of the electric BW type foot pedal horizontal two-axis cycloid reducer (motor) to the required number of revolutions, and obt

    2021-08-20 1376

  • Hard gear face reducer to do maintenance and maintenance

    1. When there is no oil in the hard tooth surface reducer, it is forbidden to drive. Due to the use of qualified lubricating oil, hard gear reducer in the process of operation, bearing and other rotating parts of the contact part will form a very thin pro

    2021-08-13 1289